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World Business Revolution

Embark on a journey of innovation and collaboration with global visionaries at the forefront of the business world.

Uncover the story behind the World Business Council and our mission to redefine the global business landscape.

At WBC, we connect countries and businesses and provide a robust platform where opportunities meet potential. Navigate through the oceans of international trade and commerce with the World Business Council, where your business is boundless.


Accelerate global trade emanating from the UAE, expanding into multiple countries, and forging formidable collaborations with governments, embassies, and commerce trades across the globe.


At World Business Council, our vision is to build a strong global commerce network that supports international trade and investment on a single, powerful platform.

World Business Council

Our 4 Pillars Of Operations

Smart Cities

WBC’s Smart Cities initiative concentrates on promoting innovations and collaborations tailored to create cities that are smarter, more sustainable, and ultimately more habitable for its citizens. Embracing the latest technological breakthroughs, WBC seeks to propel cities into the future, ensuring they are well-equipped to cater to the evolving needs of their inhabitants.

Trade & Investment

Trade Mission Corporation (TMC): The TMC is WBC's dedicated arm to boost international trade missions. It operates with a clear mandate to foster cross-border investments and to ensure fluid business functionalities across the globe. With this pillar, WBC intends not only to simplify but also to enhance the global trade processes, ensuring that businesses can effortlessly navigate the complexities of international commerce


The Events division of WBC is dedicated to orchestrating high-caliber events that serve a dual purpose: to cultivate international relations and to present newfangled products & services. These gatherings, ranging from intimate networking dinners to grand-scale conferences, serve as the nexus where international business opportunities are birthed and cultivated

E-Tender Management

In the digital age, WBC is at the forefront with its e-tender management system. This initiative is crafted to offer a transparent, dependable, and efficient mechanism for handling global tenders and the intricacies of procurement processes. By digitizing and streamlining these processes, WBC ensures that businesses can tap into international markets with ease, confidence, and transparency

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